Fresh Prince Limited Edition Crate Series

Regular price $55.00

This limited edition series includes three unique crates of exclusive Fresh Prince collectibles and apparel. Crate 1 in the series is sold out, but you can buy just the second crate in the series, or pre-order all three today to get crate 1 as well, and receive a bonus Fresh Prince Ornament for the holidays!

The 1st limited edition crate includes these exclusive items:

  • ‘90s graphic tee
  • Logo socks
  • Premium graffiti print beach towel
  • “Yo homes smell ya later” air freshener
  • FRESH license plate enamel pin
  • Crate 1 is now only available with the 3-Crate Plan

The 2nd limited edition crate includes these exclusive items:

  • ‘90s graphic long-sleeve tee
  • Bel-Air Basketball hat
  • Fresh Prince Notebook Set
  • Fresh Prince 30th Anniversary Enamel Pin
  • Fresh Prince Pillow
  • Fresh Prince tech case

Crate 3:

You'll get a similar mix of exclusive Fresh Prince items in crates 2 and 3 that you can't get anywhere be revealed at a later date!


  • Crate 1 ships right away when you order the 3-crate Plan!
  • Crate 2 ships in October
  • Crate 3 ships in December